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Police Station Yamunapuri covers the northern portion of East District and its main localities are Bhajanpura, Yamuna Vihar Colony, maujpur, Jyoti Nagar and Khajuri Khas.  The Police Station also had an outpost/ Police Post Khajuri Khas under it.


The number of people killed in this Police Station during the riots was around 150.  Besides killings, there were 104 incidents of looting and arson, as per records of Delhi Administration.

FIR' s

During the riots, only three cases were registered at this Police Station, all on 1st November 1984.  The first case FIR No. 275 registered at 1810 hrs. is a written report  ASI Chander Pal who was on patrol duty in his beat.  The FIR only mentions that huge crowds were moving about and burnt Gurudwara as well as Takshila Guru Harkrishan School.  The second case FIR No. 276 at 1835 hrs. is a written report of S.I. Mani Ram and mentions looting and arson in Blocks B and C of Yamuna Vihar Colony, Rajpur and Wazirabad Road.  It also mentions that the police were trying to control the mob running along with them all the time.  The third case FIR No. 277 at 1900 hrs. is a report of S.I. Hem Chand of the Police Station who was on duty around wazirabad Road, Bhajanpura  Bus stand and Petrol Pump and mentions that the mob burnt vehicles, breaking up into several groups to burn and loot.  However, these FIRs hardly mention any effective action by the police on duty.

No other cases were registered with the Police Station at all even though the killings and arson had continued all through.