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SHO :   Inspector jagdish Chand Sharma
ACP :    Shri Jagmal Singh.

Tilak Nagar Police Station was seriously affected and incidents of arson started in this police Station at night on 31.10.84 at Jail Road and Hari Nagar Depot.  On the 1st November, Mayapuri area went up in flames.  Incidents of arson, loot and killings continued right up to 3rd November 1984.  According to the Delhi Administration, 63 persons were killed during the riots in the area of this Police Station.

FIR' s

 It is sad commentary on the affairs of this Police Station that only one FIR for each day, i.e. 1st, 2nd and 3rd November 1984 has been registered by the police.  All the three FIRs are against the Sikhs Only.  The arrests were made of only of Sikhs who were tortured and humiliated alt the Police Station.  This is also strange as the DCPs Headquarter is also in this area and these things went on happening under his very nose.