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SHO :  Shri Jai Singh
ACP  :
  Shri R.D. Malhotra

Police Station Shakarpur is located along the bank of river Yamuna and covers the main road going from Delhi to Ghaziabad.


The total number of persons killed in this Police Station, as per Police Station records, is only twenty-seven.  The Citizensí Justice Committee has mentioned eighty-seven deaths whereas the records of the Relief Commissioner of Delhi show the deaths to be of the order of one hundred and two. 


The main road, namely Vikas Marg goes through this Police Station.  Trouble had started here in the evening of 31st October 1984.  The buses were being stopped and Sikhs forced to get down and beaten up.  However, the main trouble started on the morning of 1st November 1984 with the burning of the Gurudwara in Preet Vihar and serious incidents continued up to 3rd November 1984.


Despite the fact that so many killings had taken place and serious incidents had gone on up to 3rd November, 1984, this Police Station had registered only three FIRs during the riots and all the three have been registered on November, 1984 itself.  The details of the three FIRs as follows: -  

  1. FIR No. 368 dated the 1st November 1984 under sections 147/148/149/427/436/188/304/ IPC on a report of S.I. Mool Chand at 13.35 hrs.
    A mob set fire to shops and houses of Sikhs.  They also set fire to Gurudwara Preet Vihar.  ACP/Gandhi Nagar came to the spot and resorted to tear-gas and firing.   Four dead bodies were found inside the Gurudwara and one in House No. E-62, Preet Vihar.  

  2. FIR No. 369 dated the 1st November, 1984under sections 147/148/149/302/427/436, IPC on a report of S.I. Sardar Singh at 1355 hrs.
    The complainant along with one Constable was on duty at Chowk on Vikas Marg.  At about 1130 hrs. on 1st November, 1984 a mob shouting slogans and carrying lathis, iron rods etc. and set fire to the houses/shops in Laxmi Nagar.  A few vehicles were also set on fire.  The mob proceeded towards Vikas Marg, and set fire to vehicles in which one Sikh was found dead.  After doing their work the mob again went to Laxmi Nagar.  

  3.  FIR No. 370 dated the 1st November 1984 under sections 147/148/149/304/188/427/436/295/302 IPC on a written report of S.I. Ram Kumar at 1500 hrs.
    The FIR describes how a huge mob carrying lathis and iron rods was beating the Sikhs, setting vehicles, houses and shops on fire.  They had also set on fire the School Block, Shakarpur.  There is mention of four dead bodies and one person dying in hospital.  In both FIRs and 370 we do not find any concrete action on the part of the police.