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Shahdara Police Station area is thickly populated, across the Yamuna, with a population of over two lakhs; the Sikh population would be around three per cent.


As per affidavits filed before Misra Commission, the number of deaths is 586.  The Relief Commissioner’s figure indicates 258 deaths.  The number of deaths should be in the vicinity of 300, if not more.  In addition to this, there have been 147 incidents of arson and 36 incidents of looting as per Delhi Administration records.  The incidents which started on 31st October, 1984 evening had continued right up to 5th November, 1984 when the last major   incident occurred involving the deaths of two persons (FIR No. 609 dated the 5th November, 1984).


Violent incidents in this Police Station area had started late in the evening of 31st October 1984.  The main killings had, however, taken place on 1st and 2nd November 1984.  According to the police records the main trouble started on 1st November, 1984 morning at 10.10 hrs. On Chhajjupur Road near the Police Station.  Inspector M.S. Sapra, S.H.O. mobilized the available force and moved out in the police vehicles as well as private auto rickshaws.  Shri Sewa Dass, Deputy Commissioner of Police and Shri D.D. Sharma, Assistant Commissioner of Police also reached the place.

The SHO (a Sikh Officer) wanted to deal with the situation effectively but was prevented from doing   so by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, who sent him back to the Police Station in his own car ostensibly to save him from the mob, which was stated to be  “menacingly dangerous towards him”.  Thereafter Shri Sapra could not move out of the Police Station.  No one was posted as his replacement and as a result the Police Station was for all practical purposes working without an SHO that naturally led to the situation going out of    control.

FIR' s

Despite the fact that so many incidents and killings had occurred, the number of FIRs registered from 1st November 1984 to 5thNovember 1984is only four.  Out of these, one FIR No. 606 pertains to the killing of a non-Sikh.    Two cases have been registered on 1st November, 1984 (FIR No. 607) and 2nd November, 1984 (FIR No. 608) on reports by the Sub Inspector of the Police Station and pertain to a number of incidents at different places and not to any specific instance.  In both the FIRs, there is mention of dead bodies.  The FIR No. 608 is of 2nd November 1984 registered at 11.30 hrs.  it also mentions that senior officers have been   informed. Of the incident.  The fourth FIR No. 609 was registered on 5th November 1984 in respect of the killings of two persons and in this, one Constable is named.  This would show that no cases had been registered in respect of any of the incidents occurring after 11.30 hrs. On 2nd November 1984 to 0830 hrs. Of 5th November 1984.