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SHO:     Shri Bhim Singh
ACP: Shri D.D. Sharma.

Police Station Seelampur is along the bank of river Yamuna.


The Delhi Administration figure shows fifty-one deaths.  The Relief Commissioner’s records indicate forty persons killed. 


Trouble in this Police Station had started in the morning of 1st November 1984.  The first serious incident was burning of Maujpur Gurudwara where the SHO and ACP, had reached.  The SHO had stayed in that area from 0930 hrs. To 1145 hrs.  Some shops were burnt in that area.  Subsequently, there was trouble in Gamri Colony and the SHO remained there from 12.00 hrs. To about 1315 hrs. In the afternoon, there was trouble in Seelampur and Gamri Extension.  Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) as well as Assistant Commissioner of Police, Shahdara were also there.          Subsequently, at around 1430 hrs. The mob also gheraoed Police Station, Seelampur under the impression that Shri Ram Singh and his family members had been kept there.  The crowd was dispersed.  No one seems to have been arrested even then and no case registered against the rioters.

It had not been mentioned that Ram Singh had committed any offence.  However, at 1625 hrs. a case was registered by the SHO on a report taken from a private person against Shri Ram Singh and as indicated in his affidavit he was arrested and sent to jail next day.  This action of the police does not seem to be justified.

There are no serious incidents mentioned in the Police records nor is there any reference to any killings within the Police Station.  The SHO is stated to have fired from his service revolver twice, two rounds each in the morning of the 1st November 1984.  Use of tear gas and cane charging   were also stated to have been done by him.

FIR' s

Two criminal cases were registered on the 1st November 1984.  One of these is FIR No. 40 registered at 1545 hrs. Mentioning various incidents in general.

The second FIR No. 341 was registered against Shri Ram Singh at 1645 hrs.  Under Section 307 IPC reference to which has already been made earlier.  Shri Ram Singh is reported to have fired four rounds with his licensed gun injuring many people.  The FIR states that Shri Ram Singh had run away from the scene, which is contrary to the facts stated earlier by SHO.   The names of persons injured have not been mentioned even though it is stated that they are being treated in the hospital.

The third FIR is on 3rd November 1984 (No. 342), which pertains to arrest of some persons for breach of section 144.  No other case has been registered at the Police Station during the period of the riots.

In his report prepared in reply to W/T Message No. 119 dated the 16th February, 1985 from Deputy Commissioner of Police, Special Branch, Shri Bhim Singh has defended his action in not registering FIRs by stating as follows:

“ On the 1st November, 1984 evening, all the three SHOs of Shahdara Sub Division were summoned by ACP/Shahdara through wireless and were directed to register one case about  the days disturbances.”