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SHO: Inspector Ram Chander
: Shri J.K. Saxena

Punjabi Bagh Police Station located on the out-skirts of Delhi has a mixed population, with a few colonies of upper and middleclass and some rural pockets.  Three Police Posts in its jurisdiction are: Shakurbasti; Madipur, and Anand Vas.


The total number of deaths according to Delhi Administration was 27, whereas police records shot about 24.  From this it is clear that although the number of deaths was not large the incidents of looting and arson were numerous and remained unchecked.


There was no trouble on 31st October 1984.  However, on 1.11.84, incidents of arson and looting started in rapid succession.  Gurudwaras were the main targets followed by Guru Nanak Public School.  At 11.20 AM, Gurudwara in Bhagwan Dass Nagar was set ablaze followed by attack on Gurudwara in A Block Madipur at 12.40 PM.  At about 1.00 PM. There was a serious incident in Samrat Enclave when some member of the Sikh Community started firing at the mob from the roof top of house No. C-64, Raj Nagar in which a number of persons including three inmates of the -----------(two males and one female) were killed according 1450 hrs, the crowd looted Madipur.  At 1540 hrs, shops in P&T Colony were looted.  At about the same time, the mob tried to set some trucks on fire in Paschim Puri Enclave.  At 1720 hrs, Kothi No.33, Road No.1 Punjabi Bagh was set ablaze.  On 2nd November 1984, there were incidents of rioting near Samrat Cinema, Shakarpur and one truck was looted and set on fire at Madhuban Chowk.  On 3.11.84, one house near Shivaji Park School was set ablaze.  Incidents of violence continued upto4.11.84 as would be clear from the messages in the Log Book of this Police Station.

 FIR' s

Although there have been large number of incidents of arson, looting and even killings, only 1 FIR No. 511 was registered by Inspector Ram Chander SHO, Punjabi Bagh at 1.00 PM. On 1.11.84.  This is a general FIR, which mentions rioting by both communities.  This is of a very general nature and clearly indicates the bias of the SHO against the Sikhs in general.  Interestingly, as has been pointed out during the arguments before Misra Commission, this FIR was recorded in more or less the same language as FIR NO. 351/84 of Police Station Nangloi and FIR No. 176/84 of Police Station Mangolpuri.  Apparently, the three SHOs decided to record similar FIRs by mutual consultation or under directions from their superiors.  Otherwise it would not have been possible for them to use similar phrases and language.