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SHO : Inspector Shri Vijay Malik

Mayapuri Industrial Area of South West  Delhi and residential colonies like Naraina Vihar, Loha Mandi and part of Nangal Rai fall within the jurisdiction of this Police Station. There is one Police Post at Mayapuri.


The SHO has mentioned only three deaths in his report but the Delhi Administration after enquiries have identified  14 deaths in this Police Station.


Instances of violence started in this area on 31st October, 1984 when a chemist shop in Nangal Rai belonging to M/s. Kuldip Brothers was looted and set on fire.  The main incidents of violence, however, occurred on 1.11.84 and continued up to 4th November, 1984.  One very serious incident pertained to the looting and burning of a Gurudwara in C Block Narain Vihar at about 11.00 hrs on 1.11.84.  Three persons were killed in this Gurudwara in the presence of the SHO and a party of police consisting of one SI , One Head Constable, Four Constables  and one  section of RAC (which consists of 10 people).  According to the SHO he tried to persuade the three people to come down but they fell from the second floor in panic and died of burn injuries on the spot.    He also states that 9  rounds were fired by him to save the situation.  Obviously, this firing was not effective because no one was injured or killed during this firing.