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SHO:     Inspector Hawa Singh Rana
:    Shri  Jagmal Singh.

Police Station Najafgarh covers an area of more than 100 sq, kms. Having about70 villages bordering Haryana.  It also includes CRPF Group Centre in Jharoda Kalan.  There is one Police post at Kapashera.


According to Delhi Administration, 36 persons of this area were killed during the riots.  Citizens’ Justice Committee placed the figure at 79, but the Delhi Police gave only a figure of 19.  Keeping in view the events of arson, looting and killing and the fact that Delhi Administration was able to get identification done in 36 cases, it is felt that the figure of deaths given by the Citizens’ Justice Committee may be nearer the mark. 


There was no incident in this Police Station on 31st October, 1984 but on 1st November, 1984 there was wide-spread violence from about10 AM onwards in Gaushala, Roshanpura, Kochhar Farm, Dichaun Kala Road kapashera Border and Gurudwara Roshanpura.  A number of trucks and shops besides factories were set a blaze.  The incidents of violence continued unabated on 2nd November 1984 especially in Jharoda and Kapashera border.

FIR' s

Only 3 FIRs were registered in this Police Station – two on theist and one on2nd November, 1984- in which details in general of looting and killing have been described.  Details of the FIRs were asunder: -

  1. FIR No. 256 U/s. 147/148/149/427/436/302/295/395 IPC was registered on 1st November 1984.  Time 10.45 AM to 7.00 PM.

“ On being informed by the Wireless Operator H/C Tara Chand, a police party comprising of 13 persons, namely, SI Omvir, SI Bal Kishan, ASI Ram Chander, ASI Jagdish Singh H/C Raj Singh, H/C Raghu Nath, Constables Ravi Dutt, Brijender Singh, Rajveer, Bheem Singh, DAP Arjan Singh, Manohar Lal and Tejpal reached Gaushala Road where disturbance was reported.  The police party saw a mob of 300/400,one scooter (two wheeler) DLS 2910 was on fire.  When the police interrupted the rioters they ran towards Chawla Stand and started burning the shops.  Two shops were totally burnt.  In the meantime, the SHO also reached there.  On being interrupted, the mob ran towards Bijwasan Road and then at Roshanpura set fire to Gurudwara there.  Five houses, one truck and four tractors all belonging to Sardars were set ablaze.  The mob also injured many Sardars who ran towards Dhansa Stand.  On being interrupted, the mob preceded towards Dharampura and set on fire a thread factory belonging to a Sardar.  The mob, by that time had swelled to 1500.  Then the mob came towards Chhawala Stand, set a shop on fire and ran towards Najafgarh and set on fire 8 shops and houses.  Then the mob proceeded towards Delhi and enrooted burnt a truck parked on the road opposite Nangali Sakrawati.  Then the mob proceeded towards Dichau Village and set on fire three buses there.  Then the mob entered the PHC Hospital and started beating those Sardars who had come there for dressing and treatment of their injuries.  SI Ram Chander, with the help of staff, dispersed the mob and after the mob had left, it was found that it had killed 8 Sardars whose identity could not be ascertained.  They received injuries on head, face and forehead etc. Five persons seriously injured by the mob were sent to RML Hospital in a private truck.  When it grew dark, the mob left the scene and during the entire period, more force and fire brigade could not come though intimation was sent many times.”

  1. FIR No. 257 was registered on 1st November, 1984 at 10.00 PM. (PP Kapashera u/s 147/148/149/427/436/302/201/395 IPC.

“ SI Ram Kishan, H/C Sohrab Kha, DAP Jagdish Singh, Driver Devi Singh (Police Jeep No. DEG 4502) were on patrol duty and reached Kochhar Farm, Bijwasan Road at about 2.25PM.  The Farm had already been burnt as some anti-social elements had set the building on fire in the forenoon but no body was injured.  When the police party reached Bijwasan railway crossing, they found many persons burning between the railways   a mob of about 400/500 had collected there.  This mob, it is alleged, was dispersed with great difficulty.  When the police party proceeded towards Kapashera, it met another police party comprising of ASI Jagdish Prakash, Constables Balwan Singh 10555/DAP, Moti Lal 193/W, Satbir Singh 10477/DAP and Nihal Singh 10508/DAP.  They were standing near two trucks HRX 1870 and DEG 1112, both loaded and   parked near Kapashera Village.  Both the vehicles were on       fire.  A mob   of about 500/600 was standing there.  ‘We dispersed the mob which went towards Kapashera border’.  In the meantime, 700/800 persons came from Tunda-hera towards Kapashera border and the mob set on fire 13 trucks, one road roller parked at the Gill and Sandhu Petrol Pump.  The pump was also set on fire.  The mob  had also set on fire two Dhabas on the border.  In the meantime, there was firing from the roof of petrol pump.  Additional force and Fire Brigade did not came.

“ SHO and ACP Transport Nagar also reached at the scene of occurrence and the mob was dispersed.  The mob beat and burnt to death four Sardars.”

FIR No. 258 u/ss 147/148/149/427/541/380 IPC was registered at 5.35 AM. on 2nd November, 1984 on the complaint of a private  person, namely, Amir Singh S/o ShriShiv lal.  His FIR describes the incident in Kochhar Farm located on Bijwasan Road. A mob of about 150/200 came and attacked the Kothi located inside the Farm.  The mob smashed the glasses of the Kothi and tried to set the Kothi on fire.