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SHO : Inspector Jaipal Singh

This Police  Station covers a number of villages such as Mahipalpur, Chattarpur, Gadaipur etc.  In this area are also located a number of farms and farm houses belonging to VIPs and well to do people of Delhi.  Affidavits received by the Committee  are of a general nature stating police inaction resulting in losses in business establishment and general indifference on the part of the authorities.


According to the police records, at least 9 persons were killed in the jurisdiction  of this Police Station as per FIRs 406, 413 and 419.  Of course, at least 5 deaths were either due to the cowardice or inaction and  unwillingness to take action on the part of Shri Dinesh Tiwari, ASI.


The main incidents of violence in this area started on 1.11.84 and continued up to 3.11.84.  A   number of farms belonging to the Sikh community  were set on fire in this area.  The most serious incident was at Chhatwal Poultary Farm on 1st November, 1984 when five members of the family were burnt  to death.  There  was arson in Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Gurudwara Nanak Dairy and shops near Mahipalpur.  Shops in Andheria Morh were also set ablaze besides petrol pump near Qutab Minar.

The incident of Chhatwal Farm was really distressing because the police were fully aware of the tension in this area from Addl. DCP downwards.  As a matter of fact, ASI Dinesh Tiwari along with two Constables was stationed at the Farm to ensure that no  untoward incident took place but in spite of these people being present, the Farm  was set ablaze and 5 members of the family were burnt to death.  There are complaints that Shri Jagjit Singh, owner  of the Farm, had handed over  this was taken away  by the SHO .  There are also complaint  that the daughter of Shri jagjit Singh was molested by the ASI.  Those complaints were enquired into by the Commissioner of Police but apparently could not be proved.   It is however clear from the facts that Shri Dinesh Tiwari ASI who had been deputed at Chhatwal Farm was unable to control the situation and his plea that he had gone elsewhere when the attack took place appears unreliable. He had been depute by his superiors and he obviously  did not do much to  protest the Farm which resulted in the death of five members of the family.