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Police Station Krishna Nagar is located in the center of the District   and has no border with Uttar Pradeh.In the absence of ACP Shri B.S. Bhola on leave, Shri R.D. Malhotra, A.C.P./ Gandhi Nagar was looking after as a supervisory officer.


The total number of persons killed in this Police Station, as per Police records, is sixteen whereas according to the Relief Commissioner, the figure would be eight-six.


The incidents of violence in the Police Station started in the morning of 1st November 1984.  A number of shops at Lal Quarters were set on fire during the day between 1200 hours to 1500 hours.

The most serious incidents the burning of the house of the owner of Swaran Cinema.  The Police version is that the owner went up to the roof of his house and started firing at the mob.  Even if accepted to be true, this could ----- an act of self-defense.  One of the attackers is stated have been killed in the firing and one injured.  The attacked by the mob and fire in the house must have continued for quite some time.  Even then ten people were allowed to be burnt by the Police at a place, which is at stone’s throw from the Police Station and not far from Head Quarters of the Deputy Commissioner of Police.

With regard to the burning and looting of shops, Shri Tara Singh (2531) and Shri Pishora Singh (2804) state how Deputy Commissioner of Police Shri Sewa Dass, S.H.O. Shri Baskar and Sub Inspector Kapoor took no action to control the situation and, in fact encouraged the mob to carry on looting.

Even though, in his report dated the 30th November, 1984, the then S.H.O. Shri Bhaskar has stated that there were no untoward incidents on the 2nd and 3rd November, 1984, the logs of wireless as well as the affidavits confirm that the incidents of violence continued upto 3rd November, 1984.

FIR' s

In this Police station, only FIRs pertaining riots have been registered, four (482 to 485) on 1st no one on 2nd November, 1984, even though a large number of incidents had taken place.