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Police Station Kings way Camp covers the area of new Police Lines and the headquarters of some battalions of Delhi Armed Police.  Important localities in this Police Station are Model Town and Gujranwala Town.


According to the Delhi Ad ministration figures, there were only 9 deaths and as per the affidavits filed before Misra Commission the number of deaths would around 15.  The total number of persons killed at the Police Station would be nearer the figure of 15.


The incidents of looting and arson started in the P.S. in the morning of 1st November.  The first incident was at the Taxi Stand of Rana Pratap Bagh where taxis and buses were set on fire.  There were incidents of arson and looting in Model Town and the outer ring road.  Mukherji Nagar Gurudwara was also set on fire.  A number of incidents of similar nature were reported on wireless from different places in the Police Station.  For instance, there is a message that 7 dead bodies were found between Chowk Mukarala and Wazirabad on the 4th with more still lying there.  The incident of attack on the house of Shri Ajit Singh Sawhney narrated in affidavit No. 131 has also been mentioned in the report of the SHO giving the sequence of events.  This report corroborates the statement of Shri Ajit Singh Sawhney and one gun with two empty cartridges and one revolver were taken into possession by the police in the presence and under the supervision and guidance of ACP Kingsway Camp.  The deponent in this incident has not made any allegation against the ACP. A large number of incidents have occurred in this Police Station and one Gurudwara in Model Town and one on Lucknow Road were set on fire.  However, there are not too many incidents on the 2nd and 3rd November, though stray rioting and arson continued till the 4th November.


FIR NO. 785 Was registered on 1.11.84 at 6.15. P.M.  on a report of SHO Durga Prasad.  It mentioned the incident of burning taxis at Rana Pratap Bagh Taxi Stand where he is stated to have dispersed a mob.  It has been stated that large crowds were gathering around the Gurudwaras and indulging in arson.   It also stated that at various places, dead bodies were found.

FIR NO. 786 Was registered on 2.11.84 lat 10.20 A.M. on a report from S.I. Jai Prakash.  The SI had gone on telephonic information to a house in CC Colony.  On reaching there, the SI found the rear portion of the house burnt.  There is no mention of any loss of life in the FIR.

FIR NO. 787 was registered on 2.11.84 at 11.55 AM on the report of Sardar Bhagat Singh S/o Shri Tara Singh sent to the PS through SI Natarpal Singh.  It has been stated in the FIR that at about 9.00 A.M., a crowd collected and attacked his house.  The complainantís father was seriously injured and his scooter etc. burnt.  His father was removed to the hospital.  No one has been named in the FIR.

FIR NO. 789 was registered on 4.11.84 at 6.30 A.M. on a written report sent by SI Shyam Singh. A timber store was stated to have been burnt and on information on telephone, the SI along with the staff had reached there.  The fire was stated to have been extinguished by the   Fire Brigade by the time SI reached.  There was no loss of life.