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SHO: Shri Ram Mehar Sharma
: Shri R.D. Sharma

Police Station Gandhi Nagar is located along with the bank of river Yamuna and has no borders with Uttar Pradesh.


As per the Police Station records the total number of persons killed in this Police Station was twenty-one, but as per the records of Relief Commissioner, the total number of deaths would be fifty-one. 


The incidents of violence in this Police Station had started in the evening of 31st October 1984 itself.  However, most of the serious incidents involving killing had taken place after 2nd November 1984 mainly on 3rd November 1984 till late in the evening.  This would indicate that the situation was not controlled even up to 3rd November, 1984 even though some extra force had also been received at the Police Station on the 1st and 2nd of November, 1984.  The SHO and the Assistant Commissioner of Police had been moving around within the Police Station jurisdiction apparently had not taken any positive steps to control the riots.

The usual plea of non-availability of force cannot the accepted.  Besides, in this Police Station, Head Constable and seven Constables of the Delhi Armed Police were received on 1st November 1984, one platoon of PAC consisting of one P.C., one Head Constable and nineteen Constables were received on 2nd November 1984.  In addition to this, three Head Constables and seventy-five Constables of the SRP were also received on the 4th November 1984.


The number of cases registered at the Police Station in only one on 1st November 1984, three on 2nd November 1984 and two on 3rd November 1984.  In addition to this, two cases had been registered on 3rd November 1984 mentioning arrests of thirty-six persons for breach of Section 144.  Two other cases registered on 6th and 8th November 1984 are on complaints by private persons mentioning killing of their relations during the riots.  The FIRs 316 & 324 give the impression that the Police remained silent spectators and took no effective measures to come to grips with the situation.

In regard to FIR No. 319 registered on 3rd November, 1984 it may be mentioned that even though three persons were killed and two accused persons named, investigating officer S.O. Som Prakash arrested two accused persons only under sections 107/151 Criminal Procedure Code case on 9th November,  and 28th November, 1984 respectively.  These arrests made under preventive Sections, subsequently, helped the accused in obtaining bail in the main murder case.  The Delhi Police Vigilance has already made enquiries in this respect on the conduct of Som Prakash, S.I.