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SHO:     Shri Daryao Singh
ACP :     Shri B.S.Bhola.

Police Station Farsh Bazar is located in the east of the District bordering Uttar Pradesh.  ACP Shri B.S. Bhola was on leave at that time.  In his place Shri Parshottam Dass, ACP) HQ was supervising the Police Station.  The office of the Deputy Commissioner of Police is also located in the jurisdiction of this Police Station.


The numbers of deaths in this Police Station were around ten.


The incidents of violence started in the morning of 1st November 1984.  Serious incidents were setting Gurudwara Hargobind Place and Gurudwara Anand Vihar ablaze; and attempt to burn Swaran Cinema.   Swaran Cinema is located very close to the District Police Headquarters.  Deputy Commissioner of Police sent the R.I. of the District, Inspector Badan Singh, (a Sikh officer) to the spot.  Inspector Badan Singh fired twice in the air to scare away the mob.  The Deputy Commissioner of police reached there and quickly realizing that R.I. was a Sikh officer, sent him back.  The R.I. had apparently saved the building from being totally burnt as the records show that this very C9inema was again set on fire by the mob on the morning of 3rd November 1984.  Another serious incident occurred at about 1445 hours when a mob surrounded the house of one Harbans Singh whose family members were entrapped inside.  Allegedly, SHO along with a posse of police force reached the spot, opened fire in the air and rescued the family members.  The other events of this Police Station indicate that the police rescued some people and effective action prevented further loss of life.