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SHO : Inspector Rohtas Singh
ACP : Shri D.P. Verma.

Delhi Cantt. Police Station has two Police Posts within its jurisdiction , namely PP Palam  and PP  Dhaula Kuan.  This Police Station covers the south-west portion of South Delhi and includes  Nangal Raya, Lajwanti Garden, Sagarpur, Palam Colony, Raj Nagar, Sadh Nagar, Raghu  Nagar, Gopi Nath Bazar, Sadar Bazar, Mahabir Enclave, Vijay  Enclave and a portion of Pankha Road.


Large scale killings took place in this Police Station and according to the Citizensí Justice Committee, 427  persons were brutally murdered in the area covered by the Police Station Delhi Cantt.  The police kept on giving different versions of the number of deaths.  On investigation, however,  the Delhi Administration  has verified 341 deaths in this area.  These figures would naturally be on the lower side because a large number of persons killed had been completely burnt and may not  have been accounted  for.  In any case , 341 deaths in one Police Station can only be accounted for if the  police was totally apathetic and inactive.  The fact that they had knowledge   is clear from the messages in the various wireless log books of SHO Delhi Cantt; ACP Delhi  Cantt.; as well as the District Control .  However,  it seems that under  pressure of the local leaders the police  refused to act and discharge their duties in a nonpartisan manner .  If the version of the Sub Inspector Ramesh Singh Rana dated 14.3.85 is to be believed, and which will be discussed shortly, the major blame for all these killings and incidents remaining unchecked will fall on the shoulders of the DCP of this District viz., Shri Chander Parkash.


From the police  records as well as the versions of the deponents, it appears that incidents of arson and looting started from the evening of 31st October, 1984 .  Pankha Road, Dabri, Raghu Nagar,  Nangal Raya were all affected from the evening.  Major trouble started on 1.11.84 in Raj Nagar in the morning at about 9.00 AM and then Lajwanti Garden, Janak  Setu, Sagarpur     and many other localities.  Incidents  continued unabated and the  last serious incident was on 4th November, 1984 at about 7.55 hrs. when 7 Sikhs were killed near Dabri  Morh,  Sagarpur.  Later the houses in Palam Colony   were set ablaze at 22.45 hrs. on the same day.  The area under the Police Post Palam was one  of the worst   affected during the riots.  Apart from large scale brutal  killings at least 272 houses, 14  shops, 2 Gurudwaras  and 17 vehicles were set ablaze.


Even though more than 340 people were killed and large scale arson  and loot  took  place in this area, only 5 FIRs were registered.  These are on the complaints of some individuals.  A large number of deponents have stated that their complaints  were not recorded or investigated properly.