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SHO :             Inspector Shri Sukhbir Singh

Located along the border of Haryana this Police Station covers mainly the  Industrial Complex near Okhla  on one side along with Mathura Road, Tughlakabad and Suraj Kund on the other side.


Trouble in this Police Station started in the evening of 31st October 1984  when mobs stopped vehicles on Mathura Road, dragged Sikhs from these vehicles and beat them up.  Sebal Cinema was set on fire and a number of vehicles set  ablaze.  The mob also attempted to set fire to the Badarpur Gurudwara and Ahluwalia Petrol Pump on Mathura Road.  Incidents of arson and looting continued throughout the night of 31st October and on 1.11.84.  Mohan Meakin factory situated in Phase I of the Industrial Area and another factory in B Block was set on fire by the mobs and a dozen Sikhs sustained injuries, one of whom died on the spot.  Incidents continued right up to 4th November, 1984.