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Police Station  covers a very wide area with mixed population of the well to do as Jhuggi-dwellers.  It has an industrial area under it with a lot of labour population.


10 persons (7 Sikhs and 3 non-Sikhs) were killed in this Police Station.


Incidents of violence in this Police Station started mainly on the morning of 1.11.84.  There were attacks on Gurudwaras and the houses of Sikhs at various places and messages in this regard were being received on wireless almost continuously.  The serious incidents, according to the police records, were the burning of Gurudwara Phase I Ashok Vihar, Deep Cinema, Shopping Complex in Wazirpur Industrial Area and Nimri Colony.  The last serious incident in this Police Station occurred in the Industrial Area on 3.11.84.


  1. FIR No. 502 was registered on 1.11.84 at 1.35 PM. On a telephonic information from Mukhtiar Singh Pradhan from Wazirpur Industrial Area regarding an attack by a mob on a factory.  The mob was stated to have been armed with lathis etc. and indulging in arson.  Two Sikhs were also stated to have been beaten with lathis and fell to the ground.  On receipt of this information, force was sent to the spot.  The factory is stated to have been burnt and the mob started running away on seeing the police.  Twelve of the miscreants were arrested on the spot along with lathis and iron rods.

  2. FIR No. 503 was registered on 1.11.84 at 4.20 PM.  This FIR covers a number of incidents at various places.  Infect, it names specific places where rioting was alleged to have taken place.  According to the FIR, the mob was finally encircled near Wazirpur Gurudwara and 14 of the miscreants arrested along with lathis and other weapons.  

  3. FIR No. 505 This case was registered on 3.11.84 at 1.20 PM on the report of SI Jagdish Prasad Soni and pertains to incidents of arson in the Industrial Area.  The SHO is stated to have reached the spot and fired 4 rounds from his revolver.  After lathi charge, the crowd is stated to have been controlled and miscreants were arrested on the spot along with lathis and iron rods.  One dead body was also found and one injured person was sent to Hindu Rao Hospital.