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Police Station covers a wide area and at the relevant time it had the following three Police Posts under it: -  

  1. PP Shalimar Bagh

  2. PP Jahangirpuri

  3. PP Pitampura.


 There was no incident in this Police Station on 31.10.84 and the trouble started only on the morning of 1.11.84.  The wireless log indicates flow of information to and from the Control Room as well as the Police Posts regarding various incidents.  Trucks were being set on fire and looted on the G.T. Karnal Road and outer Ring Road.  In addition to this, there were a number of incidents of arson at various places including Jahangirpuri.  Pitampura and Shalimar Bagh.  The incidents had continued on 2nd November particularly in Jahangirpuri.  Some incidents had occurred even on the 3rd and 4th November.  This shows that the situation continued to remain out of control even up to 4th November.

The most serious incidents are the killings in J Block of Jahangirpuri as narrated by quite a few persons in their affidavits and cross-examination before the Misra Commission.  Besides these killings, the others are in respect of truck drivers who were coming from Haryana and Punjab or had already reached and were in their trucks when attacked.  

 According to the report of the then SHO Shri Roop Chand, the total number of deaths was only 19.  According to the initial figures of Delhi Administration, the total number of deaths was 57.  The Ahuja Committee has mentioned 36 deaths.  However, it would appear that since this P.S. covers the new Subzi Mandi area where a large number of trucks had come from outside and quite a few drivers appear to have been killed and their vehicles burnt, the total number of deaths should be on the higher side.  In any case, the total number of deaths in this Police Station should be closer to the figures of 60.


 As against the large number of incidents occurring in the jurisdiction of this Police Station the FIRs registered are very few, on 1st, 2nd and 3rd November.  Only 1 FIR each day has been registered, namely FIR No. 910 on 1st November, FIR No. 911 on 2nd November and FIR No. 916 on 3rd November, 1984.

  1. FIR NO. 910- was registered at 5.50 PM on 1.11.84 on a report of the SHO which lumps a large number of incidents at various places including Pitampura, Shalimar Bagh and Jahangirpuri where a number of Gurudwaras are also stated to have been burnt.  The FIR mentioned some deaths but did not specify the number.  In fact, the FIR covers the whole jurisdiction of the Police Station including all the Police Posts, making both investigation and follow-up well nigh impossible.

  2. FIR NO. 911- was registered on 2.11.84 at 11.45 AM on a written respect of ASI Jai Bhagwan.  The FIR mentions 5 deaths in Jahangirpuri in J Block and apparently corresponds to the various affidavits received in the Misra Commission.

  3. FIR NO.916- was registered on 3.11.84 at 12.05 PM. On a report of SI Rajinder Singh and pertains to Jahangirpuri.  The SHO was also stated to be present as the mob was trying to burn the house in which some Sikhs were taking shelter.  The ACP, Kingsway Camp Shri Kashyap is also stated to have reached the.  The ACP is stated to have fired with his service revolver and 30 persons were arrested on the spot.  A few were also injured.  Loss of life was apparently not allowed to take place.

A number of arrests have been shown in each of these cases but they do not find mention in the statement prepared by the police.

 FIRs 912, 913, 914 and 915 are under section 188 IPC that is breach of section 144 Cr. P.C.  It is clear that the police was trying to minimize the offences.  All of them were registered on 2.11.84.